Roof View Place
90/1 Samsean Rd. Soi 6 Banpanthom,
Pranakorn Bangkok 10200 Thailand
Tel. from Abroad :   66-2-281-6704
Within Thailand :   02-281-6704
e-mail :
         Our location is at the central part of Bangkok. The closest landmark is Rama 8 Bridge which is called “Sa-pan Pra-ram Paed”
 Form the airport
Please tell a taxi driver to drive you to Samsean Road Soi 6 (Tha-non Sam-sean Soi Hok) Soi means a small road that separates from the main road. This Soi is located on the left of the driving lane. After turning left into Soi Samsean 6, the taxi driver should drive until the intersection and turn left again. Our place will be on your right hand side. Taxi fee is what shows on the meter plus express way fee from the airport and 50 baht more for airport fee.
You may take Airport Bus Express Route AE2 to Democracy Monument at the price of 150 baht per person and then take taxi to The Roof View by showing a thai-language map that we provide to a taxi driver. The cost of taking taxi will be between 40-50 baht.
For your convenience, please print this page to a taxi or Tuk Tuk driver.   Click Here